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JACK - USDAA ADCH, NADAC O-NATCH, Highest number of lifetime points in the Gamblers class 1993-1999, Highest scoring regular agility 24" class 1997 NADAC Championships, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge finalist.





SECRET - USDAA ADCH, AKC MACH2, NADAC O-NATCH, Winner of the NADAC National Championships 3 years in a row '97 - '99, 4 time USDAA Grand Prix finalist, USDAA Steeplechase finalist, USDAA Performance GP finalist, USDAA veterans GP finalist, USDAA lifetime Achievement Award Platinum, member of the IFCS World team 2002 and 2004, first ever IFCS World Champion 2002, All-around Silver medalist 2004, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finalist, Competitor at the Great Outdoor Games 4 years in a row, 2 time medalist, USDAA Dog Agility Masters 2 Team Tournament National Champion and AKC National Finalist.






ABLE - USDAA ADCH, AKC MX, MX-J, USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award Gold, 2006 IFCS World team member, USDAA Performance Grand Prix finalist, USDAA Steeplechase finalist, USDAA Performance Steeplechase finalist, USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament National Champion, competitor at 2 Great Outdoor Games, Winner of USDAA Rocky Mountain Regional 2009, USDAA Top 10 member all categories.









XTRA - USDAA ADCH, USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award Bronze.





MACH MAZE - USDAA ADCH, AKC 26" USDAA Rocky Mountain Regional Grand Prix Champion, 2 time USDAA Grand Prix National Finalist, 4 time USDAA Dog Agility Masters National Finalist team member placing 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th. 2010 FCI World team tryouts 2nd place overall day 1. USDAA Top 10 member all categories, Lifetime Achievement Award Gold, 2011 3rd place 26" Steeplechase Finalist, 2011 4th place overall FCI World team tryouts, 2011 Dog agility Masters team Champion, 2011 26" AAC Regional Champion and 2011 AAC Regional Steeplechase Champion, Member 2012 WAO World team.








SOBE - USDAA ADCH. AKC AX, AX-J.  2011 22" Steeplechase Finalist.





WALLY - USDAA ADCH, USDAA Grand Prix 22" Regional Champion, USDAA Steeplechase finalist, USDAA Grand Prix finalist, 3 time 22" Grand Prix Regional winner, 22" Regional Steeplechase winner, 2 time USDAA Steeplechase Finalist, USDAA Top 10 member all categories, 2011 22" Steeplechase National Champion, 2011 22" Grand Prix finalist, member of the 2011 3rd place dog agility Masters team tournament Championship, Lifetime Achievement award Gold, 2011 22" AAC Regional Steeplechase Champion.






MACH RUMOR - USDAA ADCH, AKC MX, MX-J, USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award Platinum, USDAA Performance Steeplechase finalist, 2 time National Championship PVP Finalist, USDAA Top 10 member all categories, Lifetime Achievement Award Platinum.






















BUZZ - USDAA ADCH, USDAA Veterans Grand Prix finalist.









MUCHO MACHO MAN aka "Mooch" - future agility star!




BLITZ - USDAA ADCH, Competitor and medalist at the Lake Placid Great Outdoor Games.